Írsc Adpositions

The following is a preliminary list of írsc adpositions, which will require significant revision before it is usable as a list of adpositions, so expect more changes here.

(ígegnam +acc ‘through’

ov +acc

(a) [motion] ‘over’, ‘across’

(b) [time] ‘during’, ‘in’

um +acc

(a) [motion] ‘around’, ‘over’, ‘across’

(b) [time] ‘during’, ‘in’

(c) ‘about’, ‘concerning’

innan +gen ‘within’

(ó/ímédal +gen ‘among’, ‘between’

(ó/ímille/millam +gen ‘among’, ‘between’

til +gen

(a) ‘to’, ‘towards’

(b) ‘regarding’, ‘concerning’

(c) ‘to’, ‘until’

av +dat

(a) ‘off’, ‘from’

(b) [time] ‘from’

(c) [partitive] ‘of’

(d) [passive] ‘by’

(e) [cause] ‘of’, ‘from’, ‘because of’

ad +dat

(a) ‘at’, ‘to’, ‘towards’

(b) ‘at’, ‘in’

(c) ‘from’

(d) ‘according to’

fró +dat

(a) ‘from’

(b) ‘concerning’, ‘about’

(ígegan +dat

(a) ‘against’

(b) ‘towards’

heó +dat

(a) ‘at someone’s (house)’

(b) ‘close to’, ‘next to’, ‘by’

(c) ‘past’

(d) ‘compared with’

nér +dat ‘near’

ór +dat ‘out of’, ‘from’

undan +dat ‘away from’

ó +acc

(a) ‘onto’, ‘on’, ‘to’

(b) ‘during’, ‘at’, ‘in’

ó +dat

(a) ‘on’, ‘to’

(b) ‘during’, ‘at’, ‘in’

(c) inalienable possession

efter +acc [time] ‘after’

efter +dat [motion] ‘after’, ‘following’

fíre +acc

(a) [motion] ‘before’, ‘in front of’

(b) [directional] ‘over’, ‘past’

(c) [time] ‘before’

(d) ‘in return for’, ‘in place of’

fíre +dat

(a) [location] ‘before’, ‘in front of’

(b) ‘ago’

í +acc

(a) ‘into,  ‘in’, ‘to’

(b) [time] ‘during’, ‘in’, ‘at’

í +dat ‘in’

med +acc ‘with’

med +dat

(a) ‘together with’

(b) [instrumental] ‘with’

(c) [manner] ‘with’, ‘in’, ‘by’

(d) ‘among’

under +acc [motion] ‘under’

under +dat [location] ‘under’

vid +acc

(a) ‘near’, ‘by’

(b) [directional] ‘to’, ‘towards’, ‘vis-à-vis’

vid +dat ‘against’

íver +acc [motion] ‘over’, ‘above’

íver +dat [location] ‘over’, ‘above’

útan +acc/gen

(a) ‘outside’

(b) ‘without’

ón +acc/dat/gen ‘without’


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